The Hollywood actor, Tommy Lee Jones has been very popular in the industry as a great actor and everybody knows details about him as a Hollywood actor but when it comes to his life as a child, very few people have knowledge and information on this topic. Tommy Lee Jones’s father is Clyde C. Jones who worked in an oil field. His mother was Lucille Marie who was multi talented being working as a police officer, a schoolteacher and even as a beauty shop owner. His parents had married and divorced twice. Finally, they are not together and Tommy Lee Jones was a single parented child. He was born in San Saba in Texas on the 15th of September in the 946. Tommy Lee Jones is a Texan Welsh descendant. He used to live in Midland in Texas as a child. Initially, he started his schooling from the Robert E. Lee High School but completed his graduation from the St. Mark’s School of Texas that he attended with a scholarship. Presently, Tommy Lee Jones is one of the Board of Directors of the same school. Tommy Lee Jones completed his college from the Harvard College. In the college, Tommy Lee Jones lived in Mower B-12 and was roommates with the future Vice President, Al Gore and Bob Somerby. Bob Somerby later came to be known editor of the media criticism site titled “the Daily Howler”. Tommy Lee Jones was a part of the team in Harvard College, where he was the offensive guard. Tommy Lee Jones also nominated as the First team All-Ivy League selection. Tommy Lee Jones graduated in Bachelor of Arts in English in the year 1969. As a child, Tommy Lee, never thought that he would become an actor and have an interest towards acting.

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Posted: 7th March 2011 by in HOLLYWOOD STARS, MALE, Personal
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