Nobita’s great great grandson named Sewashi makes a robot named Doreamon whom he sends back in time to help his great great grandfather Nobita. Sewashi decided to help Nobita because due to Nobita, the future of their family was made to get into bits and pieces. In his time, Nobita had experience great deal of misery and misfortune because of which Nobita used to fail in his school, he made his worse and with this, their whole family was suffering in poverty and hardships in terms of financial status. Sewashi thus sent Doraemon, the cat robot to Nobita’s childhood to help him, with which even their career and life would get better in the future. Doreamon is a cat robot who has one pocket of with him named the Yojigen Picket in which you will find all types of medicines, tools, and gadgets for help for Nobita. In the Nobita Doreamon series, the gadgets that are being used have taken inspiration from the original gadgets working in the houses of Japan but the rest are simple forms of science developments and technologies in todays world.

There are more than hundreds and thousands of dogs been used in the Nobita Doreamon cartoon series, being around 4500. This new variety of dogu is what has made the Nobita Doremon series a hit amongst not only the young viewers but also the adults and teenagers. At times, the use of the dogu by Doremon has also been depending upon the money that is possessed by Doremon as he keeps saying that the dogu are very expensive in the future and should be used very carefully. Some of the dogu that have been used almost in every episode of the Nobita Doraemon series is the bamboo copter that helps Nobita Doraemon to fly, the Anywhere Door that helps Nobita Doraemon to go to the place that the user wishes to go in a click, the Time Machine that helps Nobita Doraemon to get hold of time, shaping it as they want to. Doremon does not have ears because of a tragedy that happened with him back, where his ears were eaten by a mouse. However, even still Doremon can hear perfectly but he has developed a great fear from mouse, instead of scaring them away being a cat robot. The whole plot of the Doremon cartoons is based on the fact that Nobita is a fourth grade student who faces a hell lot of struggles be it related to homework, school, friends, fights, studies, parents or any random thing. She is a big troublemaker.

Doraemon is the one who is always helping Nobita in overcoming his problems till a greater extent. Nobita, on the other is always finding the easy way to everything in life, which gives an explanation as to why Nobita’s life is what he has made of it. Doraemon always has some device or gadget or something that can help Nobita but Nobita, being the naughty child, often gets carried away with the gadget, at times misusing it. Doraemon follows him to make sure that Nobita does nothing wrong with the gadget, in spite of given instructions and warnings. Then either Nobita is taught a lesson or if the gadgets go to his friends like Gian and Suneo who again misuse it, they learn a lesson. Doraemon in the end, gets the gadget back, teaching Nobita the real usage of such instruments but by the next episode, Nobita is back to square one, with his ever so mischievous and cunning behavior. The female character of the Doramon cartoons is just one namely Shizuka Minamoto who is at times shown as the interest or at times a good friend of Nobita. Shizuka Doraemon is otherwise just a minor character in the Doramon series who comes in the episodes for not more than 2 minutes. Some other main characters of the Doramon series are Suneo and Gian who are in a way, not friends but enemies of Nobita, who keep trying to pester him. Gian is a bully who is very huge and big and to bully the children who are smaller in size than him, beating them up. Suneo is Gian’s very good friend who is also vey wealthy and rich, thereby being a spoiled brat. Nobita also has a younger sister named Dorami and then there are some minor characters like Nobita’s teacher with who he keeps trying to flirt, Nobita’s parents, Dekisugi, Nobita’s descendants who have come from the future etc.

The famous Doraemon cartoon series has been the most critically acclaimed cartoons ever since it has been released worldwide. The number of awards that this Doraemon cartoon has got is unlimited and if we include the critical praise then it could be maddening. The Japan Cartoonist Association Award was given to the Doraemon cartoon series for their excellent work long back in the year 1973. The very first of its league, the Shogakukan Manga Award was also given to the Doraemon series in 1982 for the Best Children’s Manga. Doraemon cartoon series have been the biggest hit series amongst not only the children between the ages of 7 to 13 for whom the cartoon has been especially designed but also for almost everybody around. Even the adults have been regular watchers of the Doraemon cartoon series. The Osamu Tezuka Culture Award in the year 1997 was also awarded to the Doraemon cartoon series special thanks to the creator who had included exceptional thoughts, ideas, feelings and eve lessons for the children to learn. This was about the past and if we come back to the year 2008 then we would say it is still doing amazing work. The Foreign Ministry of Japan has made the Doraemon to be the first ambassador of animes, which has to be a thing too big for the cartoon series, which is a matter of extreme pride. The Doraemon is making the culture and the language of Japan worldwide, as everybody all over the world is involved with the cartoon and seeing it on a regular basis. Doraemon has become so popular that it has become a Japanese cultural icon. The Time Asia Magazine had recently conducted a survey for the Asian Hero and not to anybody’s wonder the Doraemon cartoon series won the title in a snap. The critics had praised the cartoon very much. Which is quite a big thing for a cartoon show. No matter but the cartoon is too cute.

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  1. sahaj phalorh says:

    u r very cute doraemon.whenIsee u on tv I seem to meet u.u r the cutest robot I hav ever seen.

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    i agre with ya.. sahaj hez too cute..

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    cuteness personified..

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    yup..he’s the cutest robot i ever seen!!
    i love him so0oo00o much :(

  6. sahaj phalorh says:

    cute doraemon i love u