The Dragonbols cartoon starts with young boy named as Goku or very famously the Ball Z Goku because of the cartoon name attached to his. Ball Z Goku is a young boy who has a monkey-like tail attached at his back. Ball Z Goku meets a girl in the very beginning of the series who is named as Bulma and the two become very good friends till the end of the series. This duo carries on their togetherness in search of the mystical seven balls so that they can unleash the wish-granting dragon for the good intentions that they possess. While looking for the balls, Bulma and Ball Z Goku meet a plethora for the martial arts and carry on their friendship with him later in the episodes. Dragon Goku now has to make sure that he masters the skill of martial arts so that he can actively participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament where all the best and the trained martial arts players come and compete against each other from all over the world. With this, Dragon Goku undertakes rigorous practicing and training regimes of martial arts. Dragon Goku has to a hell lot of villains like the Ribbon Army, Piccolo Jr., Emperor Pilaf and Piccolo Daimao etc.

When in his teens, Goku Ball meets a boy elder to him who claims that he is Goku’s elder brother named Raditz informing Goku Ball about how Goku found his way to the planet Earth however; he belonged to the community of an extraterrestrial race called Saiyans. Raditz told him that when Goku was an infant, he was sent to the planet Earth out of all the extraterrestrials so that he could defeat the planet but as soon as he reached the Earth, Goku had an injury on his head with which all his memory was lost and he completely forgot about his mission. Goku Ball could not believe Raditz and soon refused to aid him in the whole mission, as he was a part of the planet Earth since his childhood. With this, Goku Ball invited many unwanted for himself amongst whom the most notable was the prince of the Saiyan community named Vegeta. However, Vegeta later became very good friends with Goku Ball. In his way later comes the tyrannical ruler named Frieza who was the behind destroying the Saiyan community. When Goku tries take the revenge from Frieza, he converts Goku into a Super Saiyan legendary. At a final battle with him at the Planet Namek, Goku is successful in defeating Frieza with which he takes the revenge for all the people of the universe and even saves the life of many.

The Ball Dragon now jumps four years ahead when the Red Ribbon Army attacks the Earth so that they can find Goku and take revenge from him. The Red Ribbon Army has many Androids. At this point of time, a very evil and wicked form of life called Cell comes out of his hiding and gobbles up two of the androids so that he can gain more power. Now, Cell holds its own Tournament for Martial Arts so that the end fate of the planet Earth can be decided upon. Goku’s first child, a baby boy named Dragon Ball Z Gohan comes into the picture and before the tournament takes place, he defeats Cell. After a span of seven more years from now, Goku is back again to fight with the Ball Dragon villain named Majin Buu who is actually a monster. Buu is half-evil and half good and when Vegeta and Dragon Ball Z Gohan accompany Goku, he successfully defeats Majin Buu’s evil part and the good one stays with them forever. After jumping ten years more now, the Ball Dragon cartoon shows a second Tournament for Martial Arts of the World where Majin Buu’s evil part has taken a reincarnation in the form of a human named Uub. Goku took Uub to a where he was supposed to be trained so that he can be the successor of Goku for defending the Earth.

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